Good birding week on the Whanganui

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The Whanganui River Estuary is not renown as the greatest place for birding, but this year, as a result of checking more often, I have found some great birds. This week I observed a lone bird sitting at the water's edge and immediately knew it was something different. Upstream was a group of 35 godwits, but this bird choose to be alone. I got close, and it flew, and immediately I saw the black armpits, a distinguishing feature of the grey plover. A first I believe for Whanganui and a rare bird in NZ. I had seen one before at the Manawatu River Estuary, some years ago. Within five minutes I had a call from another local birder telling of a crested tern at the river mouth. This is a very rare bird for NZ, with few records, although reasonably common in Australia. A great week for a bird photographer.