Chasing a MEGA rarity

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When word was out that a MEGA rarity, in the birding world, had shown up at Napier I was making plans to get there as quick as possible. Only the forth record of this speciesĀ in New Zealand, a Wilson's Phalarope was highly sought after by birders around the country. Arriving at the pond in Napier's Ahuriri Estuary where the bird was said to frequent was a tense moment, as a quick scan revealed nothing, but with binoculars and spotting scope we soon located it. So smallĀ and camouflaged it was difficult to see, even at 50 metres. Another "lifer" for me and a great series of photos made the trip so worthwhile. How a bird that breeds in the USA and Canada, and migrates to South America, can arrive in New Zealand, is hard to fathom. a47i0655ss