Updated again- AJD has Disappeared?

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29 March 2022 - All godwits that are going to migrate from Whanganui have now left. AJD did not show again, so we want to assume he migrated a week early, to get ahead of bad weather that was coming. A number of birds left Foxton a week early this year, for the first time. On 25 March we had a farewell to the godwits here at Whanganui, to which 18 people turned up, so that was a nice finish to the season. I gave all a photograph of AJD for a souvenir, seeing AJD himself was not present. It was blowing a howling southerly, but that did not dampen our spirits. We now wait to see if AJD shows up again in September or October, and if so, we will know he migrated.


24 March 2022 - I checked our estuary twice today, and could not find AJD. There were six godwits present both times, including a young bird that carries the flag YRM. Most godwits have now migrated, as AJD was a late migrator. I plan to be at the estuary tomorrow afternoon (Friday) at 4 pm (at end of Beach Road), to see what is there and whether any will migrate. AJD there, or AJD not there, I hope to have a free souvenir for any who come to the farewell of the godwits. Remember a jacket, as it can be cold. See you there.

As we approach 25 March, anticipation has mounted, as many want to be present at the river to see AJD depart on migration, for the 14th time. This is the first summer where his dates have been different, beginning with his late arrival on 30 October 2021, and the fact he never first went to Foxton. He has showed very well during his nearly five months here, up until Friday afternoon, 18 March, 2022, but since has not been seen. He may yet turn up, but I wonder if he has gone somewhere else in the meantime, has maybe lost his flag meaning we can't identify him, or has he died? Time will tell. Below is one of my last pictures of him - such a beauty in his breeding outfit.