A New Bird Species - for me

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It is not often these days that I get to photograph a new bird species in New Zealand, but this last week I had the opportunity. A Terek Sandpiper was  reported at the Manawatu River Estuary and yesterday I went to check it out. Birders had come from near and far as this bird is rare in New Zealand nowadays. I managed a series of good photos even though we could not get very close to it. It is distinctive looking because of its long upcurving bill and orange legs, and hyper-active when it feeds. The Manawatu Estuary has seen a good variety of species this year including an eastern curlew, pectoral sandpiper, sharp-tailed sandpiper, turnstone, red-necked stint, golden plover, wrybill, as well as the usual godwits and red knots. <a href="http://upics.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/A47I7917s.jpg">A47I7917s </a>