New Edition of our book “BIRDS New Zealand beauty like no other”

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A new bird book is in the making and we expect to have it ready for release by August 2018. Our previous books have sold out quicker than expected and we have seen a huge demand for them over the last few months. In total nearly 10,000 NZ bird books have been sold. The new book is based on our previous book, but is fully revised, has 20 extra pages (now 320 in total), has about 80 more bird species, detailed or referenced (now over 290 in total), and around 75 new photos (now over 700 in total). New pages include information on Skeletal Anatomy, Flyways, Vagrant Birds and more. This is a very exciting time for us and we thank all who have purchased our books making the decision to produce a new one easy.

Below is a picture of the proposed cover for the new book, just draft at this stage, as changes may be done.

BIRDS NZ beauty like no other - COVER Book 4 black