South East Island – Chathams

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Shore Plover It was a real thrill to visit South East Island, one of New Zealand’s great nature reserves. We enjoyed perfect weather and were able to zodiac cruise the coastline within a couple of metres. A highlight was to photograph the Shore Plover, in its last natural home. The visit also allowed us close encounters with the rare Pitt Island shag and the rare Chatham Island oystercatcher.

The Antipodes & Bounty Islands

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Erect-crested penguin for WebI have just returned from a visit to the Antipodes and Bounty Islands, New Zealand’s most remote territories. The photographic opportunities were outstanding, as these islands are home to birds that nest nowhere else. I obtained close-up photos of my two target species, the erect-crested penguin, and the antipodean albatross, two birds I wanted to include in my new book.

Camera – Canon 1DX

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A47I3535sAfter six months of constant use I have nothing but praise for this camera, especially its low-light ability. Photos taken in the bush at ISO 25,600 show very little grain!

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